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10 Healthy Summer Recipes

June 7, 2018

Summer Solstice is arriving this month, which means the weather is warming up, and so are the backyard barbecue grills! Check out these healthy grilling and BBQ recipes that won’t compromise your summer waistline! Grilled Corn and Bell Pepper Salad Mini Pineapple Pizza Barbecue Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes Greek Beef Kabobs Salmon Skewers BBQ Brisket Sliders Grilled Zucchini Roll-ups Grilled Pineapple Lobster Salad Vegan Grilled Couscous Grilled Fish Tacos   SaveSave SHARE:


Think Twice Before Ordering From The Kid’s Menu

April 12, 2018

Going out to dinner as a family can be a meaningful family experience, but that may quickly change once you start glancing over the kid’s menu. The average kid’s menu generally consists of chicken fingers and fries, mac and cheese, hamburgers, and the occasional sub-par quesadilla – depending on the cuisine. Not only are these items high in fat and sodium, but they’re also unappetizing, lack flavor and tend to be overpriced! Some restaurants have the audacity to serve authentic Italian cuisine and charge $8 for buttered pasta in a bowl. The unpalatable options reserved for children are unhealthy and doesn’t allow one to take advantage of the chef’s wide array of expertise. For instance, how hard is it to make grilled cheese? The lackluster kid’s menu options aren’t exactly challenging or expanding children’s palates. A menu should serve as a great tool for school-age children to practice reading skills. […]


Junk-Free Easter Baskets

March 28, 2018

10 Egg-Cellent Ideas for a Junk Free Easter Holiday The Easter bunny comes around every Spring with surprises sweets, treats and delights – but all baskets and eggs don’t have to be filled with chocolate. Save your kids from the inevitable sugar rush post morning egg-hunt, by incorporating healthy snacks. Show off your creativity and get festive by substituting the sweets for these healthy goodies, and non-candy options! Stay Away from Pre-Made Baskets – Have those elaborate plastic baskets shown up at your local supermarket? They’re usually filled with sugar-filled candy, chocolate, a few toys, and lots of tissue paper. Plus, they’re overpriced. Save money by grabbing a basket from a local dollar store and filling it with healthy options you know your child will enjoy. Fortune-Style Exercises – If you’re hosting an egg-hunt – type up some of your favorite heart-pumping exercises on a word document and cut them […]


Raising Children with Healthy Eating Habits

March 9, 2018

How to encourage your picky eater to incorporate healthy food options into their diet By Marissa Davis, Project Director, Trenton YMCA and NJPHK-Trenton If you think you’re the only parent with fussy eaters at home, think again! It can be extremely tough getting kids to choose healthy options. Forcing these foods sometimes result in tantrums and meltdowns that may make mom or dad want to resort to junk food favorites, just to keep the peace. While it is difficult, it’s also important for parents to monitor what their children put into their bodies, as it sets the groundwork for their lifelong wellness and health. Here are five simple ways to incorporate healthy food options into your child’s diet. 1. Offer Only Healthy Options Your kids don’t tell you what time they’d like to go to bed, so why allow them to dictate what they eat. Adults go grocery shopping, purchase […]


Is Obesity Declining Among Low Income US Kids?

January 16, 2018

According to a Reuters article, a recent US study indicated the proportion of poor kids receiving government food assistance who are severely obese has declined following benefits changes designed to encourage healthier purchases.  The study focused on 22.6 million young children enrolled in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children 9WIC), which gives money to low-income families to purchase healthy foods…  Read more     SHARE: