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Junk-Free Easter Baskets

March 28, 2018 | Blog

10 Egg-Cellent Ideas for a Junk Free Easter Holiday

The Easter bunny comes around every Spring with surprises sweets, treats and delights – but all baskets and eggs don’t have to be filled with chocolate. Save your kids from the inevitable sugar rush post morning egg-hunt, by incorporating healthy snacks. Show off your creativity and get festive by substituting the sweets for these healthy goodies, and non-candy options!

  1. Stay Away from Pre-Made Baskets – Have those elaborate plastic baskets shown up at your local supermarket? They’re usually filled with sugar-filled candy, chocolate, a few toys, and lots of tissue paper. Plus, they’re overpriced. Save money by grabbing a basket from a local dollar store and filling it with healthy options you know your child will enjoy.
  2. Fortune-Style Exercises – If you’re hosting an egg-hunt – type up some of your favorite heart-pumping exercises on a word document and cut them into small thin pieces. Place them in the plastic eggs, and have the kids perform the task before hunting for the next egg. (Example: 10 Jumping Jacks or 5 Push-Ups)
  3. Healthy Portion Snacks – Those plastic eggs are a great way to monitor portion control, so why not use snacks you know are healthy? Use snack-size plastic sandwich bags and fill with cereal, granola, raisins, crackers, or cherry tomatoes.
  4. Hard-Boiled Eggs – Before you dip them in dye, set some of these healthy snacks aside! Hard-boiled eggs add good fats to your body, keep your heart healthy, and they also pack important vitamins to help protect your eyes and keep your bones strong.
  5. Dried Fruit & Veggies – Try some banana chips, or yummy veggie fries
  6. Trail Mix – Throw together some pretzel sticks, yogurt covered raisins, nuts, craisins, and Boom! You’ve got bunny bait.
  7. Non-Candy Treats – Get active with a brand new jump rope! Also, nail polish, hair clips, glow sticks, stick-on tattoos, magnetic letters, toy cars, bubbles, bouncy balls, playdoh, sidewalk chalk, colorful band-aids, etc.
  8. Garden Seeds – What better way to spring into the season than to start a vegetable garden. Learning young will give your kids the ability to grow their own healthy foods as adults.
  9. Fun-Themed Snacks – Make DIY bunny ears and draw a funny face on the plastic wrapper of string cheese. Create “Bunny” looking pancakes with different shapes. Try a carrot and hummus dip or even use Easter cookie-cutters on watermelon, cantaloupe or pineapple to create Easter shaped healthy snacks.
  10. Dark Chocolate – If you must indulge, the darker the chocolate the better! Look for an organic dark chocolate that contains more than 70% cacao to benefit from all the major antioxidants this semi-sweet option has in store.


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