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Vineland Continues to Ensure Safe Routes to Schools

July 20, 2016 | Community News, Vineland

Live Healthy Vineland recognizes that funding one infrastructure project focused on the construction of new, or the enhancement of old pedestrian and bicycling facilities, will not be enough to change behavior and shift culture.

That’s why New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids-Vineland (NJPHK-V), Cumberland Cape Atlantic YMCA, Vineland City’s Health and Engineering departments, and Vineland Public Schools—together applied for a second Safe Routes to School Infrastructure Grant. The goal is to continue the process of creating safe travel corridors for children to walk and bike to and from school. The grant focuses on the safety of children within a two-mile radius of a K- 8 elementary school, but the infrastructure projects facilitate travel for all residents in the community.

“Vineland’s priority is increasing the safety of all those who bike or walk or would like to do so,” said David Calderetti, NJPHK-V project manager.

The first phase of infrastructure improvements focused on the area surrounding Gloria M. Sabater Elementary School, located in the center of Vineland where most of the pedestrian and vehicular activity occurs. The next phase, when funded, will facilitate safe pedestrian travel along Landis Avenue. “We want to increase visibility for drivers to notice pedestrians crossing streets. We also want to expand the pedestrian and bicycle network that flows off Landis Avenue,” said Calderetti. “These projects will not only facilitate student travel, but also assist others in our downtown area.”

“Safe Routes projects also increase access to foot traffic generators such as bodegas around schools, recreation areas and other amenities,” Calderetti said. “If done correct, improvement projects have the ability to stimulate commerce and enhance the quality of life for our residents and businesses.”

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