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Valeria Galarza Receives Healthy Communities Award

February 28, 2013 | Camden, Community News, Media Coverage

Originally mentioned on CBS Philly

Valeria Galarza, NJPHK-Camden project manager, has been recognized by the Campbell Soup Foundation for her leadership in building a healthy community for Camden residents.

 The Campbell Healthy Communities Award was presented to Galarza in recognition of the significant contributions she has made on behalf of NJPHK-Camden to improving the lives of Camden residents.

Galarza was one of three community leaders honored at the Foundation’s award breakfast attended by over 100 leaders of non-profit community organizations on February 28.

“The award recognizes the strides our NJPHK-Camden partners have made in building a healthy environment in Camden,” Galarza said. “I am so fortunate to work with a committed group of community leaders who share a clear vision of a healthy future in Camden.”

 Galarza joined NJPHK-Camden in October 2010.Through her leadership, NJPHK-Camden and its partners have worked together to impact areas such as the adoption of comprehensive wellness policies by the Camden City Public Schools, Parkside United Methodist Church and 12 childcare centers operated by Respond Inc. NJPHK-Camden also partnered with a number of community organizations to help rebuild Northgate Park.

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