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United Way Invests in NJPHK-Vineland

November 11, 2014 | Community News, Vineland

The United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey selected New Jersey Partnership of Healthy Kids-Vineland (NKPHK-V) as a targeted health investment. United Way will provide $81,000 for next three years to fund NKPHK-V in its efforts to reverse obesity rates among Vineland’s children. A particular focus will be on making it easier for children to walk and bike in Vineland.

In announcing the grant, Alice Woods, United Way executive director noted that “Vineland children are more likely than other American youngsters to be overweight or obese. In fact, despite living in an agricultural community, 90 percent of kids do not eat the recommended amount of vegetables, and the majority of them don’t get enough physical activity.”

“We want to send a BIG thank you to United Way,” said Lisa Scheetz, NJPHK-V project manager. “We are honored that they are supporting the partnership as we work to expand safe routes to school, making more of Vineland’s streets accessible and safe for residents.”

To date, two miles of bike lanes and walkways have been installed throughout the downtown area. The grant also will underwrite bike safety education, such as bike rodeos where children are taught how to safely navigate streets and intersections.

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