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Spotlight on Fatimah Williams Castro, PhD

August 23, 2012 | New Brunswick

Fatimah Williams-Castro, NPHK-New Brunswick, Project Manager

As NJPHK-New Brunswick’s Partnership Coordinator, Dr. Fatimah Williams Castro believes that creating healthy communities is the key to reversing the obesity epidemic.

“Children need safe places to walk, bike and play and families need access to fresh foods at affordable prices,” Dr. Williams Castro explains. “My goal for NJPHK-NB is to cultivate a movement that draws on the strength of New Brunswick’s local assets, including community-based organizations and families and the research, corporate, health, and public sectors. Together, we can tackle this epidemic in New Brunswick and keep our kids and their families active and healthy.”

Dr. Williams Castro joined the NJPHK-NB in June 2011. She holds a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from Rutgers University. She has contributed to health research with the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and has a background in social movements, law, and urban studies. 

She spent a number of years in Honduras, Central America where she taught English at an orphanage and in Colombia, South America while working on her dissertation.  She is fluent in both English and Spanish languages.

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