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Live Healthy Broadens Its Reach into Cumberland County

January 12, 2017 | Vineland


Three new billboards along Cumberland County roadways in Vineland, Millville, and Bridgeton announce the expansion of Live Healthy into Cumberland County.

“With many successes achieved in Vineland, it’s time to expand opportunities for healthier living to a broader population in our county,” said Lisa Scheetz, Director of Operations/COO of Cumberland Cape Atlantic YMCA. “For several years, Cumberland County has ranked last, or next-to- last, in nearly all measures of health outcomes. However, in that time, we have successfully tested programs in Vineland that address many of these health disparities.”

Live Healthy will continue and improve upon its strategies in Vineland. At the same time, Millville and Bridgeton will choose from core strategies in Vineland to create their customized plans for long-term success. Together, these locations house approximately 75% of county residents. This important partnership of community leaders and residents is called Live Healthy Cumberland County, and includes Keep Healthy Vineland, Keep Healthy Bridgeton and Keep Healthy Millville.

Cumberland County Health Department is co-directing this initiative.

Some of the top priorities in the new areas include:

  • Adopting and implementing the Complete Streets policy
  • Planning and implementing the Safe Routes to School program in all public schools
  • Enhancing access to and purchase of healthy foods in corner stores restaurants and food pantries
  • Increasing the number and effectiveness of linkages between the community and clinical facilities and providers
  • Increasing the number of public and private worksites that adopt and implement worksite wellness policies.

“We realize this work requires a long-term investment in our local communities,” said Scheetz. “Building sustainable models for each community will take many years, and we are ready for long-term investment and support. Local leaders should embrace these changes and understand that this is not a quick fix. It will take many years for the rankings to reflect the results of our work, but we will focus on our core strategies, and Cumberland County’s health rankings will one day be a source of pride.”


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