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Conquering the Food Desert

October 1, 2012 | Media Coverage

Originally published in South Jersey Magazine

Camden can be a tough place to grow up. Sometimes, food is hard to come by – healthy food is almost impossible. And because your parents are worried about your safety, you have to stay in the house after school. No walking to the playground with your friends. No soccer practice. It’s understandable then that the city’s childhood obesity rate is skyrocketing.

Enter one large, committed group of people – from all walks of life – who are joining an initiative to take on the huge task of reversing those obesity numbers by 2014. They’re fighting in a food desert, where crime is keeping families out of city parks, and supermarkets simply don’t exist. But healthy kids are reason to battle against the odds, they say. And so they will, determined to make a difference in the lives of Camden’s children.  Read more….

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