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Camden’s Olympic Day Showcases Ways to Keep the Olympic Spirit Alive

July 20, 2016 | Camden, Community News, Community News and Media

Fun, entertainment, and health services were all part of the Camden-hosted “Let’s Move: Olympic Day” at Pyne Poynt Park on June 25. The event was free and open to the residents and offered plenty of space for children to run, play games, swim, and dance in one of the city’s beautiful parks. Health vendors lined walking paths and provided free health screenings and health services information to more than 200 visitors.

“Creating a culture of health has been a big push for Get Healthy Camden and events like Olympic Day and Connect the Lots show residents how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle,” said Valeria Galarza, Senior Project Manager, Cooper’s Ferry Partnership and Project Director for New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids-Camden.

The Camden Olympic Day event was a great tie-in to the August 2016 Summer Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro‎, Brazil. This year, there are 30 New Jersey natives competing in a variety of Olympic Games and Trials.

Worldwide events like the Summer Olympics also can be a motivator in kick starting a healthy journey in our local communities. Here are five Olympic-sized tips families can do to participate in the Olympic fun– both before and after the Olympics have ended:

  1. Make healthy snacks readily available – Olympic athletes aren’t born overnight! Keeping fresh produce and healthy snacks ready helps the whole family get healthy. When you find yourself craving something salty or sweet, swap these great alternatives for chocolate or potato chips.
  2. Participate in outdoor games – Whether you live in a city or on a farm, there are many games you can play outdoors. Balloon tennis, circus-themed games like ring toss and sidewalk chalk games are ideal for city living. Surrounded by a lot of grass? Try this oversized memory game or a backyard obstacle course.
  3. Go swimming – Swimming is a great activity for families to stay cool during the summer heat. Swimming is also easy on joints and an awesome way to burn calories year-round – not to mention all the water games you can play!
  4. Take walks together – Walking is a great form of exercise and a good way to get moving. No matter your age, take advantage of the warm summer nights!
  5. Have fun as a family – The competitive nature of the Olympics can take over if you let it. Remember to have fun together and try different activities. You can even make Olympic medals!


The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio run from August 5-21. Click here for a full broadcast schedule of the events.

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