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Camden Collective Impact Highlighted at Michigan Nutrition Summit

November 7, 2017 | Community News, Community News and Media

Valeria Galarza, Get Healthy Camden and Cooper’s Ferry Partnership Senior Project Manager, joined John Weidman, Deputy Executive Director, The Food Trust and Kim Fortunato, president of Campbell Soup Foundation in a panel discussion regarding Food Access at the Kent County Nutrition Summit.

Held on October 16th, World Food Day, at the Amway Headquarters in Ada, Michigan, the one-day Summit explored national cross-sector partnerships and reviewed local community health challenges.  The Summit brought together more than 150 individuals from various organizations across Michigan state to look at how to further develop local collaborative partnerships in the areas of nutrition, food security and child and maternal health. 

The Camden panel highlighted the public-private partnership between Campbell’s Healthy Communities Program and its Camden partners, all whom have agreed to Collective Impact and best practices between industry and nonprofit organizations.  Campbell’s Healthy Communities is focused on:

  • Food Access—Ensure that high-quality, affordable, nutritious foods are accessible in our communities.
  • Nutrition Education—Support a healthy lifestyle by teaching children, parents, expectant mothers, and school staff how to budget for healthy food and prepare balanced meals.
  • Physical Activity/Access—Promote regular physical activity in school, after school, and throughout the community in a safe environment.
  • Public Will—Engage the public as a partner in the creation and sustainability of a healthy community.

Get Healthy Camden is a program of the New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids, a statewide program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation with technical assistance and direction provided by the New Jersey YMCA State Alliance.


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