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Asbury Park Elementary Schools Recognized for Walking and Biking Promotion

July 9, 2015 | Community News and Media

Monmouth CountyAsbury Park’s three elementary schools received a Silver Award from Safe Routes to School/EZ-Ride/Meadowlink in recognition of their walk and bike to school campaigns. The School Health Councils in Asbury Park sponsor regular walking and biking events as part of their ongoing efforts to build awareness and momentum for living a healthy and active life.

Thurgood Marshall Elementary holds a Walk to School Day every month to celebrate the students’ daily trek and bring something special to the journey. Bradley Elementary and the Barack Obama School launched Walk to School Day this year and will plan more come September. Thurgood Marshall and Barack Obama Elementary also held bike rodeos this year. The School Health Councils sponsor the events and the principals and staff, joined by parents and students, make them happen.

The Fitness Stations and Bike Rodeo event at Thurgood Marshall on May 29 brought the community together “in a wonderful way to help students and parents learn about and practice daily fitness for long term health,” said Lisa Lee, Field Representative in Disease Control for Monmouth County Health Department.

Something was happening in every corner of the gymnasium: kids were running, jumping and moving at three gym stations. Others—including some moms—jumped rope and did double dutch. Hopscotch, the Meridian Health Movin’ & Groovin’ mascot, led stretching and exercise routines while team relays worked out with basketballs and hula hoops. It was contained commotion and lots of fun.

Second Life Bikes of Asbury Park was on hand to help repair students’ bikes and pump up many flat tires. All students received new bike helmets for free courtesy of EZ-Ride/Meadowlink which administers the local Safe Routes to School program.

The bike rodeo included three courses where students learned signaling, stopping, merging and road safety rules.

The emphasis was not on activity alone as parents went home with information provided by Monmouth County Health Department about the importance of family meals, ways to include fruits and veggies in meals, ideas for child-friendly snacks and facts on the connection between health and doing well in school.

In addition, students, siblings and School Health Council team members and partners received healthy snacks compliments of Sodexo, ending the day with a very sweet surprise.

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