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Anderson Serves as Panelist in NJ Learning Connection Forum

March 24, 2015 | Community News

Darrin Anderson serves as panelist for NJ Learning Connection ForumOn March 24, 2015, Darrin Anderson, PhD, deputy director of the New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids (NJPHK), participated as a panelist in the New Jersey Learning Connection Forum. The Forum, sponsored by the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council, focused on key initiatives, including bullying prevention, school nutrition and physical activity. In addition to Anderson, the panel included Dr. Anthony Dragona, business administrator, Union City Schools; Dr. Marguerite Lueze, Newark School medical director and Tonya Riggins, school nutrition director, Newark Schools. The panel addressed the topic of physical activity and its importance in the lives of New Jersey youth. Anderson’s expertise in this area helped bring to light the positive impact exercise has in the lives of students, acting as a means to improve academic performance, behavior and overall quality of life.

The panelists also discussed the significance of implementing healthy practices and effective policies in the school system to ensure that all students, regardless of their community or family income level, have a quality and well-rounded foundation to succeed in and out of the classroom. This theme parallels the mission of NJPHK and their initiatives to increase physical fitness, combat childhood obesity and create a culture of good health throughout the school system and community.

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