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3 Insanely Easy Ways to Kick the Soda Habit

November 2, 2016 | Blog

Let’s face it – soda is one of the worst beverages anyone can consume! It’s full of empty calories, caffeine, and sugar. Consuming too much sugar over time leads to tooth decay and obesity in both children and adults.

According to this study by Lisa Conti for Scientific America, diet soda is just as addictive because the artificial sweeteners (called aspartame) increase cravings for sugar. If you’re still looking for something a little jazzier than plain water, try one of these three few to zero calorie alternatives to help you kick the caffeinated habit:

  1. Fruit infused water – No, we don’t mean the bottled flavored water you can find at the store. Chop up some fresh strawberries, blueberries, mint, oranges, or lemons to give your water a refreshing flavor.
  2. Green tea – Served hot or cold, green tea is both calorie free and naturally high in antioxidants. If you prefer your tea a little sweeter, you can add some honey!
  3. A healthy, homemade smoothie – Fresh fruits and vegetables are an excellent nutrient source. Juicing at home allows you and your kids to get creative with different recipes.

For more information on the dangers of soda, check out this article.

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