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$1.3 Million Awarded to 66 NJ Nonprofit Organizations to Advance Policy and Environment Changes

February 12, 2018 | Community News, Community News and Media, Statewide

Grants to increase healthy eating and active living in NJ

The New Jersey Healthy Communities Network’s Community Grants Program (NJHCN) recently announced that it awarded grants totaling $1.3 million to 66 New Jersey nonprofit organizations. NJHCN is a coalition of six funding organizations focused on supporting communities that increase opportunities for healthy eating and active living.

The 66 funded organizations represent a cross-section of nonprofit, school, and government organizations from across the state and each will receive a grant of $20,000 over a two-year period.

The grants were awarded to projects that have a lasting impact on building a culture of health in communities, schools, places of worship, early care, education, neighborhoods, and municipalities. Each grant will address at least one strategy to increase opportunities for physical activity and one strategy to improve access to healthy eating.  Among the initiatives are: organizational and school wellness policies, farmers markets, open streets, healthy corner stores, bike racks, walk/bike/food audits and community gardens.

“We are excited to provide funding and resources to support these well-needed community services that are designed to advance policy and environment changes that support healthy eating and active living,” said Dr. Darrin Anderson, Associate Executive Director of the New Jersey YMCA State Alliance, which oversees the management of the NJHCN Community Grants Program.

“Since 2011, we have expanded our funding from 10 pilot sites to 66 nonprofit organizations in 17 counties and have awarded more than $3.2 million in community grants–thanks to the generous support of our statewide funding collaborative,” stated Peri Nearon, NJ Department of Health.

The funding collaborative includes:  Atlantic Health System, New Jersey Department of Health, New Jersey Health Initiatives, New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids, Partners for Health Foundation, and Salem Health & Wellness Foundation.

In addition to funding, grantees are assigned a coach, receive technical assistance, and are evaluated on the impact of the organization’s work.

Click here for list of 2018-2019 NJHCN Grantees


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