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New Jersey ranks in overall prevalence of childhood obesity


Billion: The cost of national childhood obesity health care per year

Recent Stories

NJPHK Celebrates National Nutrition Month — Put Your Best Fork Forward

March 2, 2017

Just when many of us have begun backsliding on our New Year’s resolution of eating healthier, March’s National Nutrition Month serves as an opportunity for us to refuel and refocus on eating right and developing better diets.   This year’s theme is “Put Your Best Forward”, which acts as a reminder that each bite counts. Also, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is a great source for tips to get you started on a better and more balanced diet. Below are just a few suggestions:  Eat a healthy breakfast that consists of lean protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables  Make sure your plate is half-full with fruits and vegetables   Watch portion sizes   Eat seafood twice a week  Cut back on sugars   Drink more water    Other Academy advice includes varying your protein routine and mixing it up with seafood, beans, peas, unsalted nuts and seeds, soy products, eggs, lean meats, and poultry. Another easy fix to healthier eating is to choose vegetable oils […]


NJPHK’s Anderson Serves on Camden’s ‘Investing in a Healthy Future’ Panel

March 2, 2017

L-R: Darrin Anderson (Deputy Director, NJPHK), Bob Atkins (Director of NJHI), Kim Fortunato (President, Campbell Soup Foundation), and Jerome Williams (Exec. Vice Chancellor, Rutgers-Newark) On February 15th, 2017, 50 members gathered at Campbell Soup Company headquarters in Camden, NJ for the ‘Investing in a Healthy Future: The Benefits of Regional Wellbeing conference. NJPHK Deputy Director Darrin Anderson served as a panelist, along with colleagues Robert Atkins, national program director, New Jersey Health Initiatives) and Jerome D. Williams, provost and executive vice chancellor, Rutgers University – Newark. Moderated by Kim Fortunato, president of the Campbell Soup Foundation, the panelists discussed topics related to improving and empowering children’s health in local communities. At the close of the program, each panelist was asked to choose one thing they would change immediately. Anderson indicated he would change poverty’s overall impact on children and their health. “Good health habits should be implemented at every age,” […]


NJHCN Hosts Annual Community Grantee Meeting to Celebrate Progress

March 2, 2017

NJ Commissioner of Health Cathleen Bennett addresses the crowd of grantee representatives during the NJHCN Year 2 Kickoff Meeting. The New Jersey Healthy Communities Network (NJHCN) met on February 16th at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in Princeton to celebrate the past year’s successes and discuss plans for the future. The event was attended by nearly 120 individuals representing grantees and community partners from across the state. “Good health is crucial to our communities, and I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made over the past year,” said New Jersey YMCA State Alliance executive director Bill Lovett in his welcoming address. Erin Bunger, a senior research assistant at Montclair State University, shared the 2016 evaluation. Some of the highlights included supporting 42 statewide communities, create 26 new healthy living opportunities, have 18 new stores participate in the Healthy Corner Store initiative, and 9,110 students statewide received a school breakfast during the […]


New Jersey Jumps to 19th Nationally for School Breakfast

March 2, 2017

New Jersey is now in the top 20 nationwide for ensuring that more low-income students start their school day with a healthy morning meal, giving them the nutrition they need to concentrate and learn, according to a national report released today.    The Food Research and Action Center’s (FRAC) School Breakfast Scorecard found that New Jersey’s participation rate increased 6 percent, pushing it to 19th place. The report stated nearly 59 percent of low-income students who ate lunch at school also received breakfast in 2015-16.  New Jersey ranked 23rd last year and 46th in 2011, before the launch of the NJ Food for Thought Campaign, which has been credited with fueling the increase in school breakfast participation.  Also, Jersey City ranked 2nd, and Newark was 5th nationwide for their high student participation rates, according to FRAC’s School Breakfast – Making it Work in Large School Districts.   “This is great news for New […]


Skinny Snacks for March Madness

March 2, 2017

You’ve labored over your brackets. It’s now time to get ready to watch the numerous college basketball games and cross your fingers that you’ve picked the winning team. But unlike the Super Bowl, March Madness is not a one-night food fest.  It goes on for weeks beginning March 12 through April 3.  And, if you’re not careful how you indulge during this time, you can end up with an expanded waistline or the dreaded freshman 15.    According to Womanista Wellness, you don’t have to give up your healthy food options to have fun.  Below is a list they ‘ve compiled of delectable and satisfying treats that are bound to be favorites among your family and friends.  Greek Quesadilla: We know that quesadillas are considered to be dangerous territory by those of us who are watching our waistline, but this skinny recipe is an irresistible addition to your family’s dinner table during the Madness! It’s quick to make, full of nutritious and tasty […]


NJPHK Celebrates Women’s History Month: Kathleen T Morgan, Dr. M.H., DTR

March 2, 2017

Dr. Kathleen Morgan’s distinguished academic and professional career has a clear focus: to improve the health of individuals, families, and communities through health promotion efforts and to reduce chronic disease. She chairs the Family and Community Health Sciences Department, Rutgers Cooperative Extension at Rutgers University. She provides leadership to national projects related to nutrition, chronic disease prevention, and health promotion. She is also a member of many prominent societies and associations related to her field of expertise. And she has been an invaluable supporter on NJPHK since its inception–receiving a Culture of Health Award for her work. Good health through proper nutrition has been a part of Morgan’s life since she can remember. As someone who grew up in a time when boxed food and fast food were taking over the local markets, eating healthy was a somewhat radical notion. Equally radical was her career path. Morgan didn’t attend college […]

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Recent Blog

Daylight Savings Means More Time to Soak Up Vitamin D

by David Calderetti Project Director, NJPHK – Vineland Winter is winding down, and daylight savings begins March 12, which means we gain an extra hour of sunlight per day. This is great for two reasons – warmer weather is on its way (finally!), and you can get more vitamin D into your system. Regular exposure to sunlight allows your body to create vitamin D, which is essential for bone and immune health. The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences reports an average adult up to age 70 should get 600 IU of vitamin D daily. Here’s a refresher on the sunshine vitamin: Vitamin D deficiency is common during the winter months – Sunlight isn’t the only place to get vitamin D, but it’s hard to get some sunshine when the days are shorter. Vitamin D can boost your metabolism – Getting the daily amount of vitamin D is useful for […]

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